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The Reason Why I Made The Tutorials

There are two big reasons why I made these set of master video tutorials. The first and main reason is because nowadays a lot of teachers in colleges will teach design but they usually don’t have real life experience, they don’t know what is effective out in the field. They will teach by having students read books and do what the book tells them to do. They will teach you how photoshop works but they forget to teach you how to create effect designs that work in real life scenarios. The second reason is that there are a lot of websites that will teach you how to use photoshop, they will teach you how make cool designs but they don't teach you how to make a good looking design that will servce its purpose.

After seeing this happening for a couple years I decided I will put everything I know about graphic design into a video series. In the series I will show you step by step how I put together my designs but also the reasoning behind it. I will show you the techniques and key points I always keep in mind when putting together a design. After watching my videos you will be able to combine both the new hings you learned about design, as well as, how to create effective designs. An effective design is a design that serves its purpose. A design that serves its purpose means a happy client.

Who Can Benefit From The Master Tutorials

If you are a beginner or intermediate designer this program is for you. I built this in order to help up-and-coming designers. You might know how to use photoshop and/or how to create cool designs, but you might not know how to translate that into a design that will help the client reach his/her goal. With these master tutorial videos I am putting together I will help you connect the dots. I will teach you how to create effective corporate designs that will serve their purpose.


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