Free Photoshop Tutorials


Guide Guide Photoshop Plug In

Learn about a very important tool I use on all my projects. I go over how I use the plugin the most and how it helps me achieve perfect alignment and balance on every design.

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How To Set Up Your File Settings

Learn how to properly set up your photoshop file based on if its going to used for print or for web/digital. We will go over the differences between CMYK vs RGB. We'll also go over why its important to keep in mind both how & where the design will be used.

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Where To Get The Best Font Deals

In this episode I go over the importance of high quality fonts, the best places to get the best font deals, the differences between paid vs free fonts & much more.

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How To Export Images For Web

Learn how to properly export images for web. You will learn about the two best methods used to export images for web and the importance of image compression. I will show you the files sizes I keep my designs under in order to get the best quality I can possibly get while having a compressed file.

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Raster VS Vector Graphics

Learn about the biggest difference between raster & vector graphics. You will learn the most used file formats I use on digital design for my vector & raster graphics, as well as, the main reason why its very important to create logos in vector format.

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Free HD Images

In this episode I go over the the importance of high quality images, my top two websites where I get FREE high quality images and my top paid stock photography website.

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How To make Text POP!

In this episode I will show you the techniques I use often to make my text stand out. Its very simple no crazy plug ins used, just the soft brush tool.

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Create A Cool Effect Clipping Mask

In this episode I will show you how to create a cool effect using a clipping mask, motion blur & blend modes. This effect helps create interesting textures that can be used in any design.

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