Photoshop Master Tutorials

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How To Render An Image

In this video I go how to use the pen tool, the clipping mask tool and smart objects in order to take out a picture's background (hide background) while keeping the image's original quality.

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How To Reply Properly To Potential Customers

Learn how to properly reply to your potential customers while saving time and making sure nothing is left out from the email. This method will boost your productivity, as well as help you to make your email replies more professional.

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Confirming Project Details Via Email

In this video I go over the steps you should take in order to confirm every project(s) details. These are steps that you will want to always take in order to make sure that the business transaction and the creation of the graphic work goes smoothly.

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Color Overlay Effect

In this video I go how over how to properly create the very popular effect of color overlay. This is a very easy technique you can use on any design in order to make your project stand out.

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How To Use Colors Properly

Choosing good colors for any project can be difficult at times. In this video I go over the things I always keep in mind when deciding what colors to use. I also go over the website I like to use when I get stuck in what colors to use or what colors complement each other. In addition I go over the importance of color schemes when it comes to branding.

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Learn How To Change Colors Fast!

Changing a color on any design can be a hassle at times, specially when the client is not sure what color scheme he wants to go with. Use this trick in order to create fast rough drafts so that the client can get the idea of how his/her graphic would look like using different color schemes.

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Cool Border Text Effect

In this video you will learn how to create a cool border to a text which helps the text stand out. This is an effect that can come handy when working on a flyer, banner, single cover, mixtape design or any other design that needs the title to stand out nicely.

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Creating A Modern Chrome/Metallic Text

In this video you will learn how to create a metallic texture which can be applied to any graphic in order to give it a very cool and strong look. This type of texture effect comes handy when working on a project that needs to look strong, aggressive, interesting and professional.

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How To Design A Beatstars Pro Page 2

In this video you will learn how to design a Beatstars Pro Page 2. I go over all the things I keep in mind when creating a page. I also go over all the different image files you need to create in order to 100% customize a pro page design. You will learn how to use the shape tool, the text tool, soft brush tool & clipping masks to create this eye catching design.

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Modern Text Stroke Effect

In this video you will learn how to create a modern yet simple technique that is being used all over digital designs right now. I go over all the things I keep in mind when applying this effect to your design. This is a very simple, unique, easy to learn yet very effective technique to make your design stand out.

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Background With Depth

In this video you will learn how to create an interesting background in order for your design to look appealing to the eye and modern. By using layer masks we will give the background in this tutorial a bit of depth, which as a result will make the main element stand out more. This technique lets the background have its own shine without overpowering the main element.

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How To Create A YouTube Thumbnail

In this video I go over how to create a YouTube thumbnail. When it comes to YouTube thumbnail designs, there are certain rules that we should always keep in mind. In this video I go over all the rules I keep in mind and apply to my YouTube thumbnail designs when I create them, as well as, the techniques I use in order to make my design look professional.

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